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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a place where dancers of all shapes & sizes are not only accepted, but embraced?

A: Definitely! To ensure that each dancers of all shapes & sizes and encourage our dancers to express themselves. We want every dancer to feel a part of our special dance family.

Q: Since you teach hip-hop dancing, are the moves or the music ever suggestive?

A: The music for hip-hop is the rap style that’s so popular now, BUT IT’S ALWAYS THE EDITED VERSIONS. No bad words allowed. Even if a song is played on the radio sometimes we still won’t use it!  The moves also are always “age-appropriate”.

Q:  When am I allowed to watch my child’s lesson?

A:  You can watch from our viewing windows.

Q:  Is there a family discount plan?

A:  Yes, of course.  See Polices and tuition section.

Q:  Do you offer classes year round?

A:  Definitely. We have a school year term Sept thru June, and a summer term of 7 weeks in July & part of Aug.

Q:  Do we offer recitals & competitions for students to perform in?

A:  We put on a holiday showcase in December. Info about this will be passed out at class in mid-October. Costume prices will be included as well as dates/times and everything else you need to know.  The Holiday show brings families together to celebrate what the students have worked on in the beginning of the school year.   

Then, our big show is toward the end of June. Info about this will come out around Feb 1st.  This is a big event.  There will be costumes fees, a recital participation fee and tickets to be purchased.  All the prices and a sign up sheet if you'd like your student to participate will be in your info packet. That is an event not to be missed! Supporting our values pf eual opportunity to all our dancers we invite all to participate and make memories to be shared for a lifetime!

Throughout the year, there are competitions. We have a competition team who elect to compete in those about twice year.

In the summer, we have several performances at such places as: County Fair, Oaks Park, car shows and other community events.  NONE OF THESE ARE REQUIRED.