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Dance Class Attire & Shoes


DOLLAR STRETCHER: We have a re-sale program on the footwear, where students can bring in their out-grown shoes & we’ll try to re-sell them to other students. This can be a great help to our families in these difficult financial times.  Used shoes differ depending on how close to new they are, but they’re usually about 1/2 price compared to new ones. 

If you have used ones that you’d like to re-sell, please bring them in! We can match them up w/parents needing them.

Dance, like any sport, has its own special “gear” that is specifically designed for the type of dance that’s being done.  Specific shoes are designed for each dance form TO PREVENT INJURIES. We want everyone to dance injury free.  This is why we insist that you to purchase ACTUAL DANCE SHOES in specific brands.

Its important to note: that several childrens’ clothing stores and "big box stores" have what are marketed as “ballet slippers”.  Real leather ballet shoes are NOT SOLD in children’s clothing stores or places like Wal-Mart.  What they’re selling are similar to a ladies “Isotoner” bedroom slipper.  They’re stretchy cloth & they are, in fact, a “slipper” for night-time— not for ballet lessons. Or they are some type of vinyl that isn’t good for young feet. The marketing and labeling of these has confused quite a few parents. 

All dance & tumbling classes (Except for adult students) have a dress code.  Depending on the type of dance, this includes a leotard or top, tights or dance pants. We sell dance attire at the dance studio at discounted prices but we do not require it be purchased from us.  We have specific types of attire for each class but not  a specific brand or color-except on shoes.  When you come to register, you’ll be given the requirements for the class you’re signing your student up for. 

Please DO NOT GO & BUY dancewear or shoes until you find out the specific brand, color & style requirements for your particular class. BECAUSE OF POTENTIAL DAMAGE TO OUR HARDWOOD FLOORS, WE DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF “SPOTLIGHT”, “AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE” or “DANCE TIME” BRAND SHOES-(these are the brands generally sold at Target & Wal-Mart). We check shoes periodically & ask the students to take them off if they come in with these shoes.  So, please don’t waste your money on these brands.There is very little price difference between these & the new dance shoes that we carry. But there is a large difference in the quality, the comfort & the fit. 

Again, for your convenience, our shoe and dancewear requirements are available at the dance school at discounted prices.