We Have a Solution!

Since our schools have announced that school is going to be only online, we have figured out a way to help our parents..

  • Do you have an elementary school child that is too young to be left home by themself while you go off to work?  
  • Or do you have an older child that, although they may be old enough to stay home, they won't stay focused without an adult to supervise?
  • Do you work from home but find it hard to concentrate because you have children at home that need supervision and you need QUIET?

Well, we've come up with an answer! 

We're offering a Day Camp where they can Zoom with their school teacher, be supervised, do homework, read and then HAVE FUN here at the dance studio!

  • We will make sure students observe all the CDC protocols on social distancing, the wearing of masks and hygiene..  
  • We will have staff to support, encourage and help them with their Zooming from their regular school's classroom, Staff will make sure they stay "on task".  
  •  We will follow their regular school teacher's schedule. They will get breaks and a form of recess (for the young ones) just as they do at school.
  • Parents will provide: Student's device, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. We will provide bottled water.
  • When schoolwork is completed, we will offer Specialty classes such as: Arts & Crafts, Singing, Drama, Tumbling and more...
  • Parents may pick the student up at 2:30, or those that want to, may take the above specialty classes until 5pm for an additional fee..

These specialty classes will only be an additional $60.00 per month 5 days per week (1 class each day), or $15 per day!

This AWESOME new program will run Mon-Fri starting Sept 14th and run for the entire school year or at least until the schools re-open for students to attend in person. 

Registration & Supply Fee: 
$75  - 1st child and $50 each addt'l child.

Tuition per month:
$500 for 5 days a week
2ND student from same family will be $375.00
$50 per day for drop-in students IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE (by reservation only). 


Early Drop-off & late pick-ups are $5 per day per 1/2 hour. 


Please email us at: 5678dncr@gmail.com to let us know what families are interested in this AWESOME Day Camp.  We will need the names and grade level of the student(s). We will send you further information and how to register. 

At this point, this is still a "work in progress" in response to the school district's announcement about no in-person schooling at this time.  Please feel free to make any suggestions to make this camp more "parent friendly".