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CIZE Adult Fitness Classes



 Mommy & Me  (for “just walking” to 2.5 yrs)

Actually this class is also for “Daddy & Me” or “Grandma & Me” or whoever.  Classes include, marching, songs with motions, fun props like scarves, wands or tamborines. This encourages the development of motor skills, learning rhythms, & HAVING FUN!  An adult must participate with the child–no previous dance experience needed. A great preparatory class for any later music, voice, gymnastics or dance education for your child. This is a great class for parent-child bonding!

Tiny Tots  (2.5 to 3.5 yrs)

A perfect class for your little one to try out their first dance experience on their own. Classes include, marching, songs with motions, fun props like scarves, wands or tamborines and the ever popular "Freeze Dance". This encourages the development of motor skills, learning rhythms, & HAVING FUN! 

Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combination Classes 

(for 4 - 7 & 1/2 yr olds)

4 & young 5 yr. olds: a 1 hr. class per week which includes 20 min. each of beg. ballet, tap & tumbling. This class enhances gross motor development while cultivating listening skills, musicality and creativity thru dance.  

5.5 yr olds - 7.5 yr olds take the same 3 dance styles plus some jazz in a 1.25 hr. long class. Students gain self and body awareness as well as socia experience with their peers as they continue developing their love for dance! These are 1X per week classes, but, those who have a strong interest in dance are encouraged to study more than once a week. That way, they will  advance faster & retain material better. We offer a special discounted rate for their 2nd class.

Ballet/Pointe for 6 yrs thru adults

Traditional Classical ballet is taught for 6 yr olds & up.  Students will learn terminology of ballet in French, correct body alignment and develop a love for the most graceful living art. Ballet is the basis of most all dance forms and is a pre-requisite for anyone serious about the art of dance.  At about 12  yrs old, students may advance to adding a pointe class by instructor invitation.

Jazz  for 7 yrs thru adults

This is considered a good form of “basic dance”. It's high energy. It teaches full body movement, stage presence, flexibility and control. This has nothing to with “jazz” style music. It’s a fun form of dance that’s very popular these days because it’s usually done to the songs that you listen to on the radio. Routines can be any style from Broadway shows, to oldies, to today’s most popular bands. Students of jazz are strongly encouraged to take a ballet class simultaneously. 

Tap for 7 yrs thru adults

We teach all styles of tap from the vaudeville routines with top hats & canes, through the new modern rhythm tap which is done to some pieces of modern rock-type music (the “edited” versions, of course). Tap teaches balance, speed & musicality. 

Hip-Hop for 5 yr olds thru adults

If you like a good workout done in a funky hip-hop style of dancing to all the latest music (“edited”, of course), then this class is for you!   Instructors study all the latest “MTV video moves” & attend many seminars to keep up on all the most current material!  These classes are lots of fun!! The 5-7 yr olds are in a class called "Hippity Hop" with age-appropriate music as they jump, shake & pop!

 Acrobatics/Tumbling for age 6 thru 12 yr olds

This class teaches flexibility, strength & control. It includes: cartwheels, back bends, round-offs, handsprings & more.  We are not, however,  a "gymnastics school". We do not use the various types of gymnastics equipment other than mats.

Lyrical for intermediate & advanced dancers

Combining elements of both ballet & jazz, this class is designed for dancers looking to expand their dance knowledge by connecting their movements and emotions to music.  A ballet class is required simultaneously. 

Cize Live! Fitness for adults

Cize Live! is professional dance for everyday people! Learn the hottest professionally choreographed dance routines, ste-bystep. From your first class, you'll be bustin' out moves you can take anywhere! It's so fun, so exciting, you'll forget you're actually working out! 

Many health clubs are teaching this but unlike those clubs, we only have about 8 students per class instead of 50+!  You will be comfortable in our class whatever shape you are in (you don't have to be able to wear the newest 2-piece workout outfit).  The instructor modifies the moves for the beginners & shows the more advanced version for those in better shape.  And everyone goes out with some sweat on their brow and a big smile on their face! 

Perhaps best of all, it's only $10/class ($8.50 per class if you purchase a card of 4 at a time).  FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE!





 Deborah Messinger School of Dance. 584 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030    503-661-6948  



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